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Applications Ideas: Broadcast

The broadcast features allows you to:
bulletCall a list of phone numbers with a special message.  A preamble recording can be included.
bullet Schedule times, days or dates the numbers should be called.
bulletImport a list of numbers from another source.  Many programs can 'export' the list to a standard format that can be 'imported' by WavMail.
bulletPhone number list can be saved and reused, or used once and discarded.
bulletThere is no limit to the number of lists or the number of phone numbers.

Typical uses:

bulletMedical office calling with appointment reminders
bulletSchool bus dispatcher alerting drivers of weather delay
bulletUtility company with courtesy message prior to disconnect
bulletChurch group receiving message about schedule change
bulletVolunteer fire department being alerted to radio trouble

WavMail has made the process simple. Simply export the list from your existing computer application in a standard format and import the data into WavMail through your computer network.


Create a new mailbox using the 'Broadcast' class-of-service type and give the box an appropriate name.

Define the path to be used to import the data files.  Any local or network path can be used but WavMail must have rights to use the defined path.



Select "Schedule Broadcast" to define the times WavMail is allowed to call the list of numbers.


A confirmation screen shows the scheduled times. 


Many computer programs can export lists of data separated by a comma or semi-colon.  Select the appropriate character and the field containg the telephone number.  The first and last name fields are optional but if used can display on WavMail reports.  These settings are saved but can be changed at any time.

The pull-down menu will show all files in the previously defined folder.  Select the desired file and click "ImportData".

bulletThe character between fields in the above example is a semi-colon.
bulletThe field for the phone number is 1
bulletThe field for the first name is 3 (Winston)
bulletThe field for the last name is 5 (Churchill)
bulletAll other fields should be ignored
bulletOnce entered, this information is stored but can be changed at any time


The next screen displays the imported data.


Select "Start Broadcast" from the main menu.

If all steps are complete the "Go" button will appear.

Review the scheduled times and the numbers to call.  The recording can be played over the PC with the "Click here" link.

Once everything is correct, click "Go" to start the broadcast.


After the "Go" button is pressed the system displays the phone numbers and optional names of the broadcast list.

The system report shows all calling attempts and the result.

Your recording can be preceeded by a WAV file.  The preamble would play first and your recording would play next. The process repeats twice.



Didn't mean to start that broadcast? 
You can cancel a broadcast in progress.

Pretty simple, eh?