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An affordable voice mail system for today:  WavMail works with your network and the Internet

WAV files are the universal sound file format for personal computers and can be played on almost any sound-equipped PC. Most voice mail systems store messages in a format that can’t be played on PC equipment. With WavMail, voice mail messages are stored in WAV format and can play on either a multimedia PC or telephone.

The innovative browser-based user interface provides mailbox holders with simple point-and-click maintenance unavailable in other systems.  Because it’s browser-based, no new software must be installed on your client machines. Less work means lower cost.

WavMail is flexible. Your system administrator can point-and-click to easily change options for callers or features for mailbox holders. WavMail even has an optional script editor to give your programmer the tools necessary to add new features or develop custom IVR applications. Callers could use the telephone to check the status of an order, check and account balance, hear movie times or even activate a new credit card using your custom application.

WavMail is easy to expand and has virtually no upper limit to ports and hours. Other voice mail systems require replacement of expensive proprietary hardware as you grow. WavMail has a different design. Simply add industry-standard personal computers to expand your WavMail system. Your initial investment remains intact regardless of how much you grow.

WavMail includes the convenience features you expect in voice mail – like message undelete, flexible call-announce through your phone system paging and highly flexible message notification.

But WavMail also includes convenience features based on Internet technology. WavMail can even be configured to play messages from anywhere in the world using the Internet – without the cost of a long-distance call.

WavMail includes built-in POP3 email support so you can access your e-mail box from the same easy browser interface.  Read, reply, delete and send e-mail messages with WavMail.  WavMail can even send your voice mail messages to any e-mail account.

Developers, please note.  The WavMail script engine has extensibility.  Your COM and VB script objects can run within the WavMail script engine for complete flexibility.