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Feature enhancements 

Remember that all features and documentation are added automatically when you upgrade a WavMail system.  There is no charge for upgrades.

September, 2006 Highlights (Version 4.88)

The Broadcast class-of-service mailbox provides a method to import and call a list of phone numbers with a recorded message.  Sample applications could be medical offices calling for appointment reminders, courtesy calls prior to utility disconnection, emergency weather calls, etc.
bulletDaily Lifeline, Daily Hello
These products are designed as daily check-in applications and include all WavMail features.
bulletScheduled e-mail message
This feature allows a short e-mail message to be sent to a single e-mail address or a list of e-mail addresses.  A typical use might be a standing reminder to senior managers of a weekly meeting or other standing appointments.  It could even send a daily reminder to take medication.
bulletQuestion and answer boxes
This flexible design allows an unlimited number of question and answer trees with an unlimited number of questions.  Answers are stored in a single WAV file that can be played by phone or via PC.
bulletSupport for Windows 2003 Server security
The WavMail database was previously located within the directory structure of the WavMail web files.  Microsoft has removed the capability in an effort to strengthen security of the operating system.  The WavMail database has been relocated in versions after August 2006.  The application and upgrade programs support the database in either the new or old location.
bulletVarious fixes, upgrades and changes
A great number of minor changes are made between versions.  These typically involve the interaction of new and old features.  These issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

September, 2004 Highlights (Version 4.50)

bulletDatabase Changes
Much of the database access section of WavMail has been rewritten to improve speed and performance of the system.  
bulletMain Engine Upgrade
During the Spring of 2004 a key portion of the system was upgraded.  Because this is so critical to the system it was tested for several months prior to general release in this version.  This change also provides a significant performance improvement to the system.
This upgrade includes a great number of minor bug fixes to existing features but does not include significant new features.  WavMail 4.5 is primarily a major performance enhancement. 
bulletKnown Issues
Supervised Transfers / Call Progress Monitoring.  The desired Tone & Filter file must be defined in the Brooktrout driver configuration program (not WavMail).  The setup screen in WavMail does not set the correct file but everything works properly if it is set in the Brooktrout configuration screen.  This is NOT necessary if supervised transfers are not used.
Grunt Detect.  Do not use this feature (located on the Main Options screen).  It should be fixed shortly.

September, 2003 Highlights (Version 4.04)

bulletReminder Mailbox enhancements
A private New England school has hundreds of reminders (bells) scheduled using 6 page zones with highly complex schedules.  A number of convenience features have been added to make administration easier.  The technician utilities now includes an option that suspends or unsuspends all system reminders.  It's also possible to display ALL reminders sorted by time.  Several other features were added.
bulletCalendar enhancements
This feature now sports a traditional calendar grid display.  Times can also be added for each item and items are displayed in time order.  The current and next month are displayed.  Private items are not displayed to other users.

August, 2003 Highlights (Version 4.02)

bulletOutcall Notification Schedule
It is now possible to schedule outcall notifications so they stop at a certain time, operate only on certain days, etc.  This feature didn't work properly prior to version 4.02.  
bulletChecking messages from another office phone
When checking message from another phone it's no longer necessary to press "#" from the "please enter your password" prompt.  From that prompt when using another phone, simply dial " * ", the mailbox number and password in one string for quick access.  It's not necessary to wait for each prompt.

June, 2003 Highlights (Version 4.00)

bulletMajor upgrade - voice board drivers.
The voice board manufacturer made a significant improvement to the underlying voice board drivers.  This required a substantial change to the WavMail/GetMyHomework software.  The driver update corrects a variety of issues experienced by some customers, including disconnects caused by lower volume phone lines and systems.  All WavMail versions 4.00 and higher require updated drivers.  Call technical support for information and help.

February, 2003 Highlights (Version 3.45)

bulletSpanish Prompts.
WavMail now ships with Spanish language prompts and these prompts can be added to any existing system.
bulletSimple scheduling system.
A basic calendar system has been added.  Individual mailbox holders can add events through their mailbox maintenance screen.  Events can be marked as private and not viewed by others, or can be viewed by others on the common calendar.  The system can be used to coordinate appointments or even conference rooms.
bulletMessageRestricted class of service.
Message mailbox provides voice mail services for people without phone extensions.  The MessageRestricted box provides voice mail services but provides a way to reduce the number of available mailbox features.  This box is used for commercial voice mail operations where individual mailboxes are rented to the public.   
bulletEnhanced reports.
System reports are continually enhanced.  The Outcall Notification Log report has been greatly enhanced to explain failed events.  This is especially helpful for technicians troubleshooting issues related to message notification.  Even e-mail events return detailed error information that can help identify SMTP issues.
The System Traffic report has been summarized to an easy-to-view table.

November, 2002 Highlights (Version 3.12)

bulletPhone System Logs.
Why pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars more for Call Accounting?  When connected to a Samsung DCS system, WavMail can collect SMDR information and produce custom activity reports FREE.  All existing WavMail systems can be upgraded FREE.  Call for details.  Requires data cable that you create or purchase from us.  Some Samsung DCS systems may require additional hardware to generate SMDR.
bulletReminder mailbox.
Is this feature practical, whimsical or both?  WavMail can dial your phone system paging code, play a WAV file and optionally announce the time.  This can be used to announce a shift time, class change or pending church service.  We use it to announce the time to deliver and retrieve kids from school.  Set any recurring schedule, like Monday - Friday, or Tuesday afternoon at 2:00. 
bulletQuestion & Answer Box.
We don't believe in limits!  Create any number of 'Question Sets' with any number of questions.  Callers are prompted to answer questions and the results are combined in one message that can be transcribed.  With WavMail, the message containing the answers can even be sent via e-mail to an out-of-town transcriptionist automatically.
bulletCustom IVR class of service.
This applies only to people creating Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications using custom Visual-Basic programming.  This new mailbox type make your development job easier.  The most common IVR application with WavMail is playing existing account balances, last payments dates, etc.  Call for details.


October, 2002 Highlights (Version 3.00)

bulletReminder Mailbox type.
Handy or silly.  The reminder mailbox is designed to use the paging feature of your phone system based on a schedule.  Every day at 5:00 WavMail could be used to play a factory whistle over your paging system.  Other uses could be school bells to change classes or announce scheduled breaks.  Play voice recordings you make using the phone or even play .WAV files found on the Internet.
bulletDriver Load Delay.
Used in systems with multiple voice boards to delay the startup in WavMail in order to provide additional time for the voice board drivers to load.  Without this feature WavMail may attempt startup before all voice boards are loaded.
bulletEnhanced debugging options.
Technicians troubleshooting phone issues have additional logging options.  The result code after recording a message is logged in order to troubleshoot cutoff issues.  Result codes from e-mail messages and outcall notifications are also logged to resolve issues with e-mail servers or cell-phone and pager companies.
bulletDefault e-mail address.
Many e-mail systems reject messages if a return address is not included.  The system first tries to use the individual mailbox entry, but if missing will use the new default address listed on the Main Options page.
bulletCaller ID on NotifyEMail.
This new feature is not yet completed or supported.  When new messages are left in a mailbox using a supported phone system, it's possible to send a notification to a cell phone using e-mail where the message includes the CID information from the caller.

This means that before the message is retrieved it may be possible to see the CID information of the caller to help determine the urgency of the call.

April, 2002 Highlights (Version 3.0)

bulletAutomatic Port Restart.
The port controller program now monitors individual ports and restarts hung ports if necessary.    A hung port is rare but can occur after a power glitch, Windows resource issue or other unusual circumstance.  The event is logged.
bulletRemote Activity Monitoring.
The remote monitoring program has been enhanced to display port activity, including the active user mailbox or system mailbox.  Activity can be viewed using a browser over the network or Internet.  Color has been added to make the screen easier to monitor.  The screen is updated every 3 seconds.
bulletOn-line manual updates.
The on-line manual has been completely updated and streamlined.
bulletOn-line FAQ.
A link for frequently asked questions now appears in the main administration menu.  Included are subjects like "How to record a Salutation" and more.
bulletMessage Waiting Light Override.
Some telephone systems are configured with multiple cabinets over multiple locations.  Each message mailbox now has field for custom MWL on and off codes when it's necessary to dial a custom code for a mailbox.
bulletClass of Service (COS) Enhancements.
Mailbox features and options now change in the mailbox general menu based upon the selected COS.  For example, changing from an unsupervised mailbox to a message box will remove all options related to automated attendant functions because they are not relevant to a message-only mailbox.
bulletGetMyHomework Enhancements.
A multitude of enhancements have been made to the GetMyHomework features as a result of customer suggestions.  As an example, automatic homework e-mails now include the system web notes as well as the individual teacher web notes in the text portion of the e-mail.  The homework continues to appear as a WAV file attachment.

August, 2001

bulletMessage Cutoff.
A problem with the fax detection feature, that in some cases caused the system to suddenly stop during the recording process, has been corrected.  The version number was incremented to 2.3 with this change.
bulletGetMyHomework enhancements.
Most system enhancements so far in 2001 have been with the GetMyHomework code.  Most changes to WavMail have been very minor bug fixes with help screens and documentation.
bulletMessage Mailbox.
This new COS type provides the same features as the typical UnSupervisedMailbox except that calls can't be transferred to extensions.  The message mailbox is similar to what other voice mail systems call "guest" mailboxes.  When dialed, the personal greeting plays and callers are prompted to leave a message.  Most other features remain the same.
bulletDial By Name time lengthened.
Dealers suggested a longer amount of time to enter dial-by-name letters.  Senior citizens in particular were having problems making the entries in the allotted time.  

February, 2001

bulletDocumentation update.
The WavMail documentation has been updated to include more detailed information about Windows 2000 security settings.  Information about recent features have also been added.
bulletHard Drive Space.
The technician/administrator screen now displays the remaining hard disk drive space.
bulletReturn Destination.
This feature existed previously but was difficult to find.  Now the 'Tenant' screen lists an option called "Return Destination" that can be set for "Hang-up" or "Start Over".  After callers have left a message and press "#" to continue the caller can be disconnected or return to the main Salutation.
bulletQuicker Disconnect.
While recording messages, callers often simply hang up when finished.  These calls are now disconnected much faster and this makes the system more efficient.
bulletEnhanced port monitoring.
The port monitoring report now includes a time field.  This makes it possible to check the on-line status of individual ports more accurately. Active ports update this time field once a minute and it's readily apparent if a port has stopped working properly.  (This is the first phase of the remote monitoring feature.)

January, 2001

Two utilities have been added.  'Clear outcall queue' provides a way to completely purge the event queues.  The queues can become filled when ports are added or deleted incorrectly.  'Edit all mailboxes' provides a technique to apply changes to a range of mailboxes.  This is designed for use when initially configuring a system.  Settings can be changed to a range of mailboxes and this provides faster setup for technicians.  
bulletRing delay per port.
This new feature allows use of a WavMail without a phone system, typically in a very small office or home office.  Specific ports can be programmed to answer only after a number of rings.  In this way, the port answers only after a human has had the chance to answer the line.  Other line(s) can answer with no delay.  The new feature can be found under "Ports and Schedule" from the technician menu.
bulletComments attached to forwarded messages play first.
When a message is forwarded to another system user with comments, the comments now play first and are followed by the original message.
bulletMessage date error from phone during year change.
A Y2K bug appeared a year late.  After listening to a message, the date played from the message stamp would play the year incorrectly due to a formatting mistake in a function.  This had no affect on any messages and only played the year incorrectly.  Sorry.