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WavMail Pricing

The installation of any voice mail system requires telephone system programming.  In some cases additional hardware is required.  Your voice mail budget must consider these additional costs.  The anticipated system traffic also affects the actual purchase price.

When you call our toll-free number we promise the following:

bulletA friendly, knowledgeable and experienced professional with over 10 years of experience will provide no-pressure information.
bulletWe'll provide the name of an authorized dealer in your area.  If no dealer is available we'll provide alternate options.
bulletWe'll answer your questions and even give you an on-line tour via the Internet while we're talking on the phone.
bulletYou'll receive no pressure and we'll respect your privacy. 
bulletCall 800.789.4007 any time.  Choose sales and be sure to leave a message if you reach voice mail.  (We're on the phone a lot!)

Free Demo Version

No risk:  Try before you Buy!

The WavMail installation CD will support all features and a single voice mail port for 30 days without using the software security device.  This allows testing and complete configuration before purchase.

Once the license fee has been received a software security device will be shipped to all the full number of voice ports to be utilized.

Note that you must have a Brooktrout 4-port voice board supporting the 32-bit driver (Quartet or 432 model) to use the software.  These boards are also known as "Rhetorex" boards.  Ask for details.

Pricing Considerations

Almost any business can afford a voice mail system.  The least expensive systems are often "in the skins" proprietary systems from phone manufacturers or stand-alone DOS-based systems.  These systems provide very basic features for smaller offices, often little more than an answering machine would provide.

WavMail is Windows-based system with a very rich set of features and network/internet connectivity.  The cost is slightly higher because a more powerful computer is required in order to provide the advanced functions and features.  (But would you really want a DOS-based system anyway?)

WavMail costs substantially less than other Windows-based systems and is priced only slightly higher than competitive DOS-based systems that include far fewer features.


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