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Free upgrade to current software version

Check the existing version of your software before installing this upgrade.  The system will stop functioning if this upgrade is installed on older voice board drivers.

Check either the WavMail version or the current Brooktrout driver version. 

To find the current version of the voice mail software -

The existing system version and build date can be found at the bottom of the Technician login screen.

WavMail / Daily Lifeline / GetMyHomework version 4.0 and higher does NOT require a driver upgrade 

To find the current version of the voice board software -

bulletStop the running ports using the WAV controller.
bulletClick Start, Programs, Voice, RhtCfg
bulletThe running driver version will be displayed.  Make a note of it.
bulletClick Cancel.
bulletShut down / Restart the PC.

Brooktrout driver 2.38 or less MUST be upgraded to Brooktrout version 4.11
Click here for detailed instructions to upgrade the Brooktrout driver.

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It is essential that you perform a complete system backup your WavMail system before installing this version.  

CURRENT WavMail / GetMyHomework release 4.xx
Must have already installed voice board driver 4.11 or up
Download Disk 1
Download Disk 2
Download Disk 3
Download Disk 4
Download Disk 5
Download Disk 6


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Voice Board driver bug note

This note applies only to systems with PCI voice boards installed.  The updated voice board driver 4.11 from Brooktrout has a bug that can cause an error to display when your computer starts.  This bug is NOT created by WavMail but we have discovered a fix to eliminate the error message.  The driver is looking for a board that does not exist.

The following procedure will eliminate the error (unless the Brooktrout board configuration program is run again).  This should be attempted only by skilled Windows technicians with experience modifying registry settings and ONLY after you've made a backup of the system registry.

bulletEdit/Find - NetAccess
bulletWhen found, double click the entry for "Start"
bulletChange the "Start" value from 2 to 0 and click OK.
bulletPress F3 to search for additional entries and repeat if any found.
bulletNote that this procedure must be repeated if the configuration wizard is run.


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Install the free Message Checker utility

The free Message Checker utility can be installed on Windows 98, Windows NT or Windows 2000.  The computer must have a dedicated connection with the WavMail server over a LAN or the Internet in order to check for messages.  When new messages are left on the server the Message Checker icon will change.  Simply click the icon to access your WavMail message box.

Why use this feature?  Some phone systems don't use message waiting lights and some WavMail installations don't even use telephone systems!  You PC checks with WavMail to see if new voice messages have been left for you.

Note that these files may be copied to 1.44 MB diskettes for easy installation on multiple machines.  Two diskettes are required.

Download Message Checker Disk 1

Download Message Checker Disk 2

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Automated Nightly Reboot

This little utility allows you to schedule a nightly reboot of your system.

Nightly Reboot


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Voice Mail Etiquette

    Voice Mail is almost universally accepted but often poorly implemented.  As technicians and administrators you can do your part to reduce frustration in your fellow humans by following these recommendations.

        Click here for voice mail etiquette tips for administrators.

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    Full Version of WavMail (25 MB) - Only download after talking with tech support!

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770.479.6999 -- Technical support line.  Please note that WavMail is sold through authorized distributors and dealers.  End-users should contact their vendor directly for technical support.