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WavMail Feature List

Each feature includes a short description.  Read the entire list or click on a feature category.

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System Features

Automated Attendant

Callers are presented with a list of options that allow quick connection with any department or individual.  Menu trees may be simple or complex.  There is no practical limit to the number of menu options.

Default Transfer Mailboxes

Define a default destination when callers don't make a choice.  The destination can change with EACH system prompt.  Example:  If the caller stops making choices after choosing the sales department menu, the caller can drop to an extension in the sales department rather than the main operator.

Dial By Name - First, Last, Nickname

Each mailbox can have an unlimited number of dial-by-name entries to make it easier for callers to find the right person.

Disconnect Detection

When callers hang up the phone a signal is sent from the telephone company to the telephone system.  A signal is then sent from the telephone system to the voice mail system.  WavMail detects a wide variety of disconnect signals.


WavMail is easy to expand.  Simply add voice boards to the WavMail PC.  When the first PC is full simply add another PC and connect the machines through a network.

Fax Detection

WavMail can transfer the call to a fax machine connected to the phone system if a standard fax tone is detected during the initial system greeting.  This can eliminate the cost of a dedicated fax line.

Flexible Control Digits

Replacing an old voice mail system and don't want to learn a new system?  Most menu keys can be modified in WavMail.  Even phone digits used to change playback volume and speed can be changed in seconds.

Flexible Opening Greetings

An unlimited number of opening greetings may configured based on day, time or date.   While silly, a different opening greeting could be configured for every minute of the entire year.

Holiday Greetings (programmable)

Record and forget.  Configure an unlimited number of holiday greetings in advance to maintain a personal touch.  "We're closed for Memorial Day..." 

Interruptible Voice Prompts

No need to wait until a prompt is finished.  Make your selection at any time.


WavMail uses standard PC hardware and the ubiquitous Windows operating system.   Windows can be configured to automatically defragment the hard drive from time to time.  The WavMail is repacked every time the system is started or when a simple utility is run.  WavMail requires almost no ongoing maintenance.

Message Purge (Old, Deleted)

New messages and archived messages are never deleted.  Each mailbox includes settings for both old messages and deleted messages.  Mailbox 123 might wish to keep old messages for 10 days and deleted messages for only 3 days.  WavMail is flexible.

Multiple Language Support

System prompts may be changed easily and an unlimited number of languages can be recorded and used. 

Multiple single-digit menus

An unlimited number of single-digit menus can be created to provide information to callers or help find the right person.  Many systems are very limited but WavMail has no limit to the number of menus.

Multiple Utility Ports

As your organization and WavMail system grows it may be necessary to increase the number of ports used for pager notification, overhead paging and message lights.   Point and click to assign more utility ports.  With WavMail, growth is easy.

On-line Programming

Almost all system changes are done on-line.  WavMail continues to answer calls during most configuration and programming.  Adding new users, changing menu options, changing operational hours and more can be done without stopping the system.

Operator Access (unlimited)

Define a default operator from any prompt.  The destination can change with EACH system menu.  Example:  If the caller needs help while listening to choices from the sales department menu, the caller can press zero and reach the sales department operator rather than the main operator.

Overflow Attendant Message

When the human operator has too many calls to handle, WavMail can answer the call after a few rings and let the caller choose to wait for the human attendant or use the automated system.  This can provide better customer service and save money.

Play Greeting & Disconnect

Mailboxes can be configured to play information, then disconnect the call.  This is useful for providing repetitive information (like directions, company address or fax number).

Port Controlled Greetings

Smaller companies within the office or personal phone numbers can be answered with unique greetings rather than the main company greeting.

Remote Access (programming & message retrieval)

When connected to the Internet, any modern browser can be used to maintain the system or access messages without incurring long distance charges. 

Reports (on-line and printed)

Reports are generated in real time and may be displayed or printed.

Security Levels

Several levels of security can be used.  A lower-level administrator could add mailboxes but not access the password information for existing boxes.  Access to certain system options is reduced for lower security levels.

Single-digit Dialing

WavMail has highly flexible single-digit dialing from almost any menu.  The initial greetings and individual mailboxes can each have unique single-digit dialing options like, "This is Kay in Payables.  I'm away from my desk right now.   Touch 1 to check the status of an open invoice or stay on the line to leave a message for me."

Skip greeting key

Frequent callers don't need to hear the personal greeting for a box.  WavMail includes a 'skip greeting key' that skips ahead to the record tone.

Tenant Services (multiple companies supported)

Several companies can share one WavMail system.  Each company can have a distinct message, default operator and more. 

Universal ports

All WavMail ports, including utility ports, can be used to record messages, play message and answer calls.  The efficient WavMail design reduces the additional cost of dedicating certain ports for certain functions.

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Mailbox Features

Audiotext messages

Also called 'Information Mailboxes'.  Callers can hear recorded information like company address, fax, directions, product information, etc.  

Automatic log-in

Most modern phone systems can send information identifying the office telephone.   This allows an automatic log-in to WavMail.

Call Control

WavMail can keep control of the call or turn control over to the phone system during an automated attendant call, depending upon the desired features.

Call Announce (per mailbox over speakers)

Calls through the automated attendant can be announced through the telephone speakers and/or overhead paging speakers on some or all calls.  This can even be combined with call screening to announce the specific caller.

Call Screening (supervised)

During supervised calls, the called party can hear the name of the calling party and choose to accept the call or send it to voice mail.

Call Screening (overhead paging)

Calls may be screened and announced through the telephone speaker and/or overhead paging.

Certified Message Receipt

When a certified message is send, the sending party receives a return message with the exact time and date the message was played by the recipient.  The boss knows when a message received (no more excuses!)

Chaining Audiotext Messages

Several information messages can be strung together in any order.  Picture a movie theatre with recordings for movie descriptions and show times.

Distribution Lists (public & private)

Each mailbox holder can define personal lists for group messages.  Make one message and send it to the personal group.   A public group mailbox works the same way but can be accessed by anyone.

Do Not Disturb (manual and automatic)

Calls through the automated attendant can be sent to voice mail on a schedule.   This helps keep the phone from ringing during lunch and after normal business hours.  (A special mailbox can be configured for family, friends and special associates so they can always get through.)

Express Transfer

Calls to fax machines or modems transfer quickly, without additional prompts.

Forward Calls (manual or automatic)

Calls can be forwarded to another number manually or based on a schedule.  If allowed by the phone system, calls can be sent to a cell phone during the normal commute.

Group Mailbox

Same as a public distribution list.  Messages can be transferred to the group mailbox and distributed to a pre-configured list of people.

Guest Mailbox

A guest mailbox can be quickly and easily configured for office guests.

Information Only Mailbox

Also called 'Audiotext'.  The switchboard operator can devote more time to more callers if commonly requested information like the company address, fax and directions to the office are recorded in a special mailbox.

Mailbox Security

Each mailbox is password protected with up to 15 digits.  The password can be changed quickly by the mailbox holder by telephone or browser.  A high-level system manager can also change the password.  Lower-level administrators can't view or change mailbox passwords.

Multiple Mailbox Greetings

Each mailbox has multiple greetings that can be changed via telephone or browser.

Offsite Transfer

Calls can be transferred to an offsite location (if allowed by the telephone system).

Personal Menu (each Mailbox)

A single-digit menu can be configured for each mailbox, if desired.  "This is Beth in accounting.  I'm away from my desk.  Touch one help payables, two for receivables, three for credit, or stay on the line and leave a message for me."

Message Receipt Verification (Certified Messages)

When a certified message is send, the sending party receives a return message with the exact time and date the message was played by the recipient.  The boss knows when a message received (no more excuses!)

Remote Mailbox Access (phone or Internet)

All features can be changed through the browser interface over the office network or the Internet (if connected).  Many features can be changed over any telephone.

Reroute Options (per mailbox)

Calls to a mailbox through the automated attendant can be rerouted manually or based on a schedule.  Calls can be sent offsite (if allowed by the phone system.)

Single Digit Dialing (per mailbox)

Same as a personal single-digit menu.  Calls can make one-touch selections on a per-mailbox basis.

Sponsor to another mailbox

Messages left in one mailbox can appear in another mailbox.  The name of the originating mailbox plays before the message.  This is helpful for vacations or when one person handles multiple job functions in an office.

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Message Notification Features

Message Light Control

Most phone systems allow WavMail to activate and deactivate a message light on the telephone when new messages are recorded and retrieved.

Digital Pager Notify

Up to 50 digits can be dialed to notify virtually any digital pager that a new message has appeared in your mailbox.  A 'start delay' setting can delay the first notification of a new message.  This can give you time to notice the message light blinking on your office telephone.

Telephone (cellular) Notify

A call can be placed to any telephone (including your cell phone).  A message will play to inform you that a message has been left.  Dial the mailbox password during this recording for mailbox access to play the new message.

E-Mail Notify

New voice messages can be sent to any e-mail account and appear as new e-mail messages.   This can be used at all times or during vacations for specially configured mailboxes.

Desk-Top Icon Notify

When WavMail is connected to an office network (LAN) or the Internet, a special desktop icon program checks for new voice messages and changes color when new messages are found.   Click the icon for immediate mailbox access to play the new message.

Notify once or continuously

WavMail can notify a pager or cell phone a single time or continually, every few minutes or every few hours.  You control the notification frequency.

Cascade Notify

Message escalation can be configured on a per-mailbox basis.  For example, a customer service box could be configured to first call the line person, then the supervisor, then the manager, and finally the business owner.  The call could escalate every 10 minutes until the message is retrieved.

Group Notify

A new message left in a certain mailbox could notify a group of people at the same time.

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Message Features

Broadcast Message

A new message or transferred message can be broadcast to a group of mailbox holders using a public or private distribution list.

Date & Time Stamp

The date and time the message was received can be played after each message.  This is set on a per-mailbox basis.

FIFO or LIFO replay order

Messages can be played in first-in, first-out order or last-in, first-out order.   This is set on a per-mailbox basis.

Automatic Message Forwarding

Messages can be automatically forwarded to another mailbox.

Message Replay Volume

Telephone keys can be defined to increase or decrease message replay volume during playback.

Message Replay Speed

Telephone keys can be defined to increase or decrease message replay speed during playback.

Message Rewind, Fast Forward

Telephone keys can be defined to rewind or fast-forward a message during playback.

Message Pause

A telephone key can be defined to pause a message during playback.

Message Save, Delete, Archive

Messages can be saved or deleted.  Each mailbox includes a setting for the number of days before deleted messages are purged, as well as the number of days before saved messages are purged.  Messages can be archived so they will never be purged.

Reply to Internal Message

When an internal message is sent through the voice mail system, a one-touch option can be used to reply to the internal message.

Transfer Message (with Comments)

A message can be easily transferred to another system user, with or without comments.

Undelete Messages

If a message is unintentionally deleted, it can be undeleted using the browser interface.  The number of days before messages are purged and can be undeleted is set on a per-mailbox basis.

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LAN (Local Area Network) Features

System Maintenance from any Office PC on the Network

No need to make most system changes from the WavMail machine. The system administrator can monitor and maintain the system from their desk - not the phone room.

Mailbox Maintenance from desktop PC on the Network

When WavMail is connected to the office network, all other PCs on the office network can access mailbox features, including those listed below.

Play and Manage Messages

Play any new, saved, deleted or archived message from any multimedia PC.

Read and Create E-Mail

Access any POP3 e-mail account through the WavMail interface.

Forward Messages (Internal)

Forward any voice message to any system user without using the telephone.

Forward Messages (Internal)

Forward any voice message to any e-mail account, internal or via the Internet, as an e-mail attachment.  Virtually all multimedia computers can play standard Wav files.

Desktop Notification

Use the desktop icon utility to watch for new voice messages for a second mailbox, or the primary mailbox if your phone system doesn't support message waiting lights.

E-Mail Notification

New voice messages can be sent to one or more e-mail boxes as an attachment.

New Message Display by Workgroup

Give new life to the PC nobody wants!  Older PCs with network cards and browsers can be installed in common areas to keep a running display of mailboxes with new messages.  The number of new messages and the date/time of the oldest new message in each mailbox is displayed.  Mailboxes may be assigned to different workgroups so only the mailboxes relevant to each group are displayed.  And yes, the boss can be excluded completely.

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Internet Features

System Maintenance from Anywhere

Maintain WavMail from anywhere over the Internet.

Mailbox Access from Anywhere

Access any mailbox from anywhere over the Internet.

Play and Manage Messages

Play and manage your messages from anywhere over the Internet.

Read and Create E-Mail

Read your e-mail and create e-mail from anywhere over the Internet.

Desktop Notification

Add the desktop notification icon to watch for new message from anywhere over the Internet.

E-Mail Notification

Have new voice messages sent to your e-mail account.

Play Voice Messages without Long Distance cost

Travelling?  Use the Internet to play voice messages and avoid long-distance calls.

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Advanced Features

Scripting Editor

The WavMail script editor allows almost complete customization of the WavMail system.   VB knowledge and experience required.

Network Database Access

Access any ODBC compliant database to access or update information.


Combine the script editor, an ODBC database and VB knowledge to create custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications.  Improve customer service, increase profits and save tens of thousands of dollars over the cost of other systems.


The architecture of the WavMail system allows the easy addition of future Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) components.

System Growth

Additional client machines with voice processing cards can be easily added to make an even larger WavMail system.

One-Button Record

Newer phone systems, like the Nitsuko i-series, allows WavMail to offer one-button recording during phone conversations.  This feature is required by stock brokerage firms and other companies.

Answering Machine Emulation

Using the Nitsuko i-series phones you can listen as callers leave messages.  Pick up the phone to stop recording and start talking with the caller. 

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Call Accounting

Call Accounting for the Samsung DCS series

Get FREE Call Accounting when WavMail is connected to a Samsung DCS telephone system that supports SMDR.  When properly connected and configured, WavMail will collect detailed call information that can be organized, displayed and printed from your desktop PC browser.  See these sample screens:

bulletSelect the report type
bulletSelect the report details (stations, dates, etc.)
bulletView the report