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WavMail is a windows-based voice mail system with a web interface.  Messages are stored as WAV files and can be sent and played as e-mail attachments.

Important News!

Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows XP, the operating system used for most WavMail systems.

WavMail software can run on Windows 7 with certain motherboards.  WavMail can't run on versions of Windows past Windows 7 due to lack of an essential hardware driver which is not available.

Therefore, we recommend retiring all remaining WavMail units, especially before support for Windows 7 ends.


For further assistance, please call 800.966.4446 


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A new wave of telephony messaging™

WavMail™ adds the power of the office network and Internet to old-fashioned voice mail.  The voice mail messages are stored as WAV files and can be played through both a telephone and PC.

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Brief WavMail Overview

bulletPlay voice mail messages over a telephone like 'old style' voice mail.
bulletPlay voice mail messages through your multimedia PC and browser without additional client license fees.
bulletMessages can be sent to and played through an e-mail client like Microsoft Outlook without purchasing or installing additional software.
bulletPlay messages and maintain your system over your office network and the Internet.
bulletThe browser interface is flexible and easy:  just point and click.  
bulletComplete feature set:  message undelete, call announce, DTMF tables - it's all here.
bulletCreate custom IVR applications with the WavMail script editor.
bulletView or print system activity reports from anywhere.
bulletEasy browser-based system maintenance from anywhere with no extra remote maintenance software to purchase.

Daily Lifeline

Daily Lifeline is a variation of WavMail for use by churches.  Imagine a "Dial-A-Prayer" type system on rocket fuel.  It can even save lives:  older adults living alone listen to the daily message and automatically check in with the system.  Loved ones and the church office are notified when a member does not check in and a follow-up can be arranged.  
CLICK HERE to visit the DailyLifeline.com site



GetMyHomework is a variation of WavMail for use by schools.  Teachers record homework assignments via telephone; students and parents play the recordings via telephone, web browser or receive e-mail attachments.  
CLICK HERE to visit the GetMyHomework.com site

E-Mail integration

bulletForward voice mail messages to any e-mail box as attachments based on time of day, day of week, etc.  Very flexible!
bulletAccess e-mail and voice mail from your WavMail inbox.  POP3 e-mail support.
bulletNew message notification via e-mail:  when new voice messages are left, a short e-mail message can be sent to many cell phones or digital pagers so you'll know to retrieve the voice message.

Flexible voice message notification

bulletIncludes traditional message notification like telephone message lamps, pagers or cell phones.
bulletSome pagers and cell phones include an e-mail address.  WavMail can send an e-mail message to these devices when new messages are left.  The benefit?  Your Internet connection, rather than a dial-up line, is occupied.
bulletOptional (free) utility can add an icon to your Windows task bar.  Icon changes when new voice messages are left.  Click on the icon to open your browser-based message mailbox.
bulletVoice messages can also be sent to any POP3 e-mail system and retrieved via your favorite e-mail client (like Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Eudora, etc.)


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Download and print our GetMyHomework brochure.  
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Sea To Sea Communications

Celebrating 20 years in business!

Sea To Sea Communications has provided voice mail solutions since 1991.  We develop and support VoiceTrak, a popular DOS-based voice mail system, the Windows-based CallTrak call accounting system and several other products.  WavMail is our flagship windows-based voice mail system.

WavMail was designed as a stable and broad platform for the technologies of today and tomorrow.  By using Internet and PC technology, WavMail will grow and change with your customers and business.


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Please call toll-free for more information. 

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